There’s four of us. And we take it pretty seriously, this business of being the Fontaine’s. When Tony, that’s the handsome man I call my husband, and I married in 2006, we had no idea what this would look like. Frankly, our dreams were never this good.

If I do say so myself, our family is pretty amazing.

I catch it in the way my oldest son contentedly sits next to me and murmurs “We’re all the family.”

We don’t do big things, but we try to make memories where we can. There are picnics in our backyard and day trips to unassuming suburbs and they add add up to small wonderful moments.

Isaac made me a mama in 2009 and Ezra made me a certified mama of boys in 2011. It’s a good thing they like to be on the go, because we’re an active family!