I’m so happy to share with you, my daughter Miriam Joy. Our little Miri was born April 12th at 4:57pm and has been just a sweetheart ever since! We’ve so enjoyed this special time growing as a family of five. I apologize for the HUGE blogging lag. Six months is quite a bit of time, but you can expect more posts in the next few weeks and months, as my maternity leave comes to a close with my first wedding back this weekend!

Well, the cat is finally out of the bag! Proceeded by much deliberation and hype, I’ve followed my heart and pursued a business name change. Much like when I originally traded up in taking on the last name of Fontaine, in marrying my beloved Tony, this photography business is surely trading up in casting off Leah Maria Photography.

I understand that this is a very personal choice and to be honest, more than a few have commented that it seems unnecessary, almost reckless. This business is my passion though and I felt disconnected from it, all due to a silly name.

Can I share a secret? I never loved the name Leah Maria Photography. I only chose it because I was scared of weddings. It was almost a shield to not do them, because it was naturally geared towards family photography due to it’s light, sing songy feel. But then I started shooting weddings and I.was.hooked. I have never been able to proudly share my business name. I’ve been embarrassed of it and have always thought that if I can’t take it seriously, who else could?

You guys didn’t think there’d be this much angst involved in changing just one word, did you?

All this to say, join me in saying hello to Leah Fontaine! With this change I hope to connect with my clients friends on a more personal level!

I know it’s a little to get used to, but I’d appreciate your spreading the word that Leah Maria Photography is now Leah Fontaine!

So many thanks to Gina Zeidler and Breanna Rose Design for your unrelenting pursuit to project my desires. This site would be but a shell without your heart.



One Year | Personal


Ask any mother and they’ll tell you that there is a time warp in the first year of their child’s life. The phrase “The hours are long, but the years are short” has the most application, I believe, in the first 365 days of a child’s life. The needs are constant, as is the change, as is the love, and all of the sudden you find yourself on the other side of a year.

Happy birthday sweet Ezra.