Fall Insanity


You could say that this fall was busy. Aside from the 9 weddings I shot between June and July, fall managed to be the absolutely most busy season of the year and  send me into an absolute frenzy! With mini-sessions, family sessions, engagement sessions and weddings, we were all on our toes. In absolutely no particular order, here is a peek at what the awesome craziness looked like!

I really don’€™t have much to say about these images that isn’t€™t self evident, so I’€™ll keep to the facts. Derek is my stepbrother. Ami is my sister in law. Together, they have theeee cutest kids, ever. No really, I dare you to dispute it. It’€™s fact.

Derek and Ami live in Indiana, so unfortunately our time spent together is infrequent. Thankfully, for as short of time as we’€™re able to spend together, it’€™s always memorable and even more special as my oldest loves to play with Chase and Avery! I can just imagine as they get older looking forward to the special visits from the out of state cousins!

Last fall Katie contacted me to get some family pictures and one year shots of their little guy. We head out to Lake Minnetonka bright and early on a Saturday morning and were welcomed with an unseasonably cool morning! Despite the chill, we got some great shots!